Organize a Food Drive

Plan Ahead to Conduct a Successful Food Drive! Get everyone, particularly senior management, administrators, friends, neighbours, teachers etc. excited and committed to the drive.

  • Contact the Food Bank at 763-7161 to discuss your idea.
  • Choose a theme or name for your drive like Breakfasts for Babies, Tons of Tuna or Oodles of Noodles.
  • Set a goal for your drive such as 500 bags, boxes, pounds, cans.
  • Educate your group about hunger in your community.
  • Promote the drive by scheduling a fun kick-off event. Place posters and flyers in strategic places, notify media of your unique event, distribute memos or send letters home, insert reminders about the food drive in paycheques, newsletters, etc. Keep promoting throughout the duration of the food drive.
  • Remember to include the Food Bank’s Food Wish List in your promotions.
  • Decorate a box or container to hold donated food.
  • Provide each person with a bag to fill with food.
  • Set up a collection schedule to collect on specific days or during designated weeks.
  • Hold a challenge encouraging friendly competition between all participants or potentially interested parties.
  • Offer incentives/prizes (ie. shave your head challenge)!
  • Make it FUN!
  • Award certificates of appreciation, thank you cards and letters.

Transportation of the food to the Food Bank is a significant part of your donation. However, if you have a large donation or it is simply impossible to deliver, your donation can be picked up. Please call either our Kelowna or Westside office for arrangements. Otherwise, donations can be dropped off at either location during regular business hours.