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27th Annual Be an Angel Campaign

The 27th Annual Be an Angel Campaign proved to be another successful fundraising event for the Central Okanagan Food Bank. Generously, The Thomas Alan Budd Foundation was once again a major contributor to the campaign, bringing the total amount raised to $417,583. The achievement of these funds is attributed to the kindness of every single person who donated. 

Anticipation for the campaign could be felt well before December, as countless donors were contacting COFB to confirm the fundraiser was happening again. The early success of the campaign was a true testament to the emotional connection that the people of Kelowna and West Kelowna have for their communities. 

Due to economic hardships, 2022 proved to be a particularly difficult year for people living within the margins of our community. By sharing COFB client stories throughout the month of December, it allowed for the opportunity to share who and why individuals use the food bank. “These stories encourage connection on a very human level, while also challenging the assumptions that some people have made about food bank users” says COFB’s Director of Development, Trina Speiser. 

The relationship between the COFB and the Thomas Alan Budd Foundation is much more than a partnership between two organizations; it’s a friendship that has bloomed over the years for which the COFB is forever grateful. Tom Budd’s personal dedication to serving the local community has inspired other business leaders to further their impact by donating through this fundraiser as well.

The Central Okanagan Food Bank would like to thank everyone who contributed to the 27th Be an Angel campaign. The funds raised will ensure that the rising number of people struggling with food insecurity can put nutritious food on the table every day of the week.  


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