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Tree of Hope Lights the Way

The Central Okanagan Food Bank is thrilled to be part of an incredible moment with the Stober Foundation, illuminating the Tree of Hope and gratefully receiving a substantial donation for our new initiative, More Than Food.

In collaboration, our aim is to uplift individuals facing poverty, providing them with the necessary resources to enhance their quality of life and gradually reduce reliance on emergency food assistance. Hunger, a visible consequence of poverty, can be addressed by strategically tackling systemic issues. Thanks to the Stober Foundation’s generosity, we can identify and address systemic poverty, working with our clients to overcome barriers caused by hardship and inflationary pressures that contribute to food insecurity.

This partnership empowers us to create a lasting impact, offering unprecedented opportunities for youth, young adults, and individuals to break free from the cycle of systemic poverty and instill a sense of hope. A heartfelt thank you to the Stober Foundation for their unwavering commitment to our community through this extraordinary annual campaign, illuminating our community and showcasing the endless possibilities ahead.

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